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Community Notices

Community Notices

Iris Seabrook

Tuesday 29th November 2016, 3:56PM


My Name is Ian Jacobs and I live in the U.K. The reason I'm posting this message is to find one of my first cousins Iris Seabrook, maiden name was Western.
I have a telephone number which the operator says it's not recognised. And an address of
1 Burton Avenue
Australia 2152
I just wondered if anybody within the community
knows if she still lives there and how I can get in
I have some news for her regarding one of our
cousins that she is a benefactor in the estate.
So that's where I am, I've contacted all of the other beneficiaries but Iris is the missing link.

So if anybody could help and put me in contact
with Iris I would be eternally grateful.

Kind and warmest regards
Ian Jacobs